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Mystique the magic bunny says, "It's the best value for your money!"

Here are some testimonials from some of our customers

  "The Masters of Magic and Fun are my go to team.
  For several years now whenever anyone asks for a magic show,
  Joe and Lynn have been providing entertainment 
  for my business.They are prompt, always professional. 
  and very knowledgeable about their craft and their art.
  I know for a fact that everything in his show is an act.
  I have called the house to talk shop with Joe and discovered 
  he could not be disturbed because he was practicing.
  As an entertainer I appreciate that he is that committed.
  As a grandmother I can tell you sitting in the audience when they take the stage is a treat.
  All attention was on them at Kiras party.
  As a fellow entertainer I am impressed with their professionalism.
  As an agent I have taken calls from thrilled parents who felt they had given their children a great
  experience. I know you will feel that way too.   

   Miriam McKellar.; Facepainting by Miriam

  Give them a call, they can do it all.!
  They are a husband and wife team and family operated, 
  they live right here in Franklinville NJ.  Bookmark their website...
  It's not just for the little kiddies. 
  Face painting - great for bachlorette parties
  Game days, football parties, hockey season,.... I can attest Lynn does a mean job face painting... 
  and her husband does a great Magic show, even us adults enjoyed.
  Gina OrioGoetschius.,Sicklerville.

   I had the Masters of Magic come and entertain at one of my School Bus Drivers' Parties.  Joe performed     exceptionally to a very tough group of people...the drivers.  After the performance, they welcomed him to     come and join us at the next one.  We Loved all his magic tricks, as well as our children enjoyed the face     painting and balloon animals and swords, and let's not to forget the rabbit and doves.  Too Cool ! 
   I'll be calling you two back, soon.
  Thanks for the fun!
  Catherine Eskew

The Masters of Magic
and Fun